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R&D Activities 

R.P. Chem is focussing on the Research and Development of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) production, processes and analytical improvement since 2015.​ Here below the areas of R.P. Chem's activity:

  • Study of synthetic non-infringing routes of synthesis for API and their intermediates

  • Process development up to lab scale

  • Study of physical properties of API in cooperation with the local University in Padua (Particle Size Distribution, X-ray Diffractometry, Optical microscopy);

  • Technology transfer of the new processes to industrial plants

  • Development and optimisation of analytical methods

  • Research, development and characterisation of new crystalline forms

  • Industrial processes security studies

  • Technical documentation and support to regulatory department of R.P. Chem

  • DMF filing and technical support


R.P. Chem
Fine Chemicals for Pharmaceutical


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