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Toll manufacturing 

Our managerial staff boasts a nearly forty-year experience in the field of research, but above all in the industrial preparation of products for the pharmaceutical industry.

For this reason, we are very strong in toll manufacturing basically split into different facilities located in Europe and China.

Our main customers have only the variable cost of “renting” our facility often without the need for capital investment in equipment and infrastructure which would be necessary to build up their own facilities.

This means huge savings in terms of financial resources and time. So, by partnering with us, your products can be brought to market in a shorter time. ​

In Shenzen, a Chinese city, we have an operative office mainly working both in the realisation of productive projects and in toll-manufacturing, in specific for the pharmaceutical field.


Starting from 2010, R.P. Chem has started producing, in its plant located in Casale sul Sile (Italy), a line of chromium-based products mainly used in the electroplating and galvanic industry, such as:

  • Chromium (III) nitrate n-hydrate

  • Chromium (III) sulfate n-hydrate

  • Chromium (III) oxalate​

Regarding the above-mentioned production, specific attention is payed by R.P. Chem to respecting the environment, a key value of our company’s policy. As a proof of this, in the last few years R.P. Chem has been deeply involved in registering all these products according to “REACH” regulation.


R.P. Chem has always committed a lot of effort in the diversification of its commercial activities. As a result, our customers can choose from a large offer of different products as well as being completely satisfied in terms of both availability and richness of R.P. Chem's products.   

The company, with its “R.P. Chem Industrial Division”, is dealing with different products, in specific mainly chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates. Despite that, one of our historical product is, for sure, the para-xylylene dimer N and C, essentially sold among the aerospace, medical and electronic industry and used in these fields as a special coating.

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