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The company, with its “R.P. Chem Industrial Division”, is dealing with different products, in specific mainly chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates. Despite that, one of our historical product is, for sure, the para-xylylene dimer N and C, essentially sold among the aerospace, medical and electronic industry and used in these fields as a special coating.

Starting from 2010, R.P. Chem has undertaken a new challenging enterprise in order to start producing, in its Casale sul Sile’s plant, a line of products specifically meant for the electroplating and galvanic industry. In specific, R.P. Chem began producing the following chromium salts:

  • Chromium (III) nitrate

  • Chromium (III) sulfate

  • Chromium (III) oxalate

Regarding the above-mentioned production, the attention deserved by R.P. Chem to a “green” facility is essential: the environment and its respect are, in fact, two important values on whom our whole company’s policy is founded.

Consequently, in the last few years, R.P. Chem has deeply been involved in registering all these products according to “REACH”.

R.P. Chem has always committed a lot of efforts in the diversification of its commercial activities.


As a result, our main customers can choose from a large offer of different products as well as being completely satisfied both in terms of availability and richness of R.P. Chem's products.   

Chromium salts








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