R.P. Chem and R.P. Industries are companies located in Casale sul Sile nearby Venice.
We are mainly focussing with the supply of fine chemical products and pharmaceutical intermediates both for chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Group
Product Streams
  1. Pharmaceutical API’s and Intermediates

  2. Fine chemicals

  3. Raw materials and solvents

  4. Raw materials for human and animal nutrition

  5. Industrial  Division (own facilities to grant a local production of chromium salts and several other products especially meant for the protection and decorative treatment of surfaces)

  6. Labware Division (mainly lab glassware)

  7. Industrial Rubber and composite hose assemblies

  8. Flanges and industrial couplings 

The Company was officially founded in 1996 as a commercial branch of the pharmaceutical company GRB Officina Farmaceutica.

In the 3rd quarter of 2010, we also started a new production stream focussing above all on the supply of different chromium salts for the chrome plating and galvanic industry.

Our Company has also been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001/ UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our History
Marketing Areas

Europe (mainly Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland)

Far-East (China, India, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore)

Africa (mainly Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Lybia)

America (USA)

R&D Activities

These are the main activities performed in our R&D Lab:​

Process development

Lab Scale-up 

DMF preparation

Our Team

Our strength is our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to customer's needs, excellent quality standards, and good follow-up services.

Our reputation as a reliable and efficient distributor is based on these skills. 

Our efficient logistic's team supports our capability to provide an excellent service and meet delivery schedules accurately.

Claudio Pellico, 

claudio.pellico@rpchem.net | Phone: +39 0422-822232

Monica Rigo,
Quality Assurance manager

monica.rigo@rpchem.net | Phone: +39 0422-822232

Claudio Rigo,
Senior R&D manager

claudio.rigo@rpchem.net | Phone: +39 0422-822232

Claudia Favaro,
R&D Laboratory and QC 

claudia.favaro@rpchem.net | Phone: +39 0422-822232

Diego Pellico,
Logistics and purchasing manager

diego.pellico@rpchem.net | Phone: +39 0422-822232

Ludovico Bottazzo,
Production and Warehouse 

ludovico.bottazzo@rpchem.net | Phone: +39 0422-822232

administration and bookkeeping

elisa.orlando@rpchem.net | Phone: +39 0422-822232

sales and purchase office 

alessia.carraro@rpchem.net | Phone: +39 0422-822232

Fine Chemicals for Pharmaceutical


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